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We strive to supply the best possible services to our customers.


If you would like a whole tree to be removed, we can provide different services specific to your needs. These include felling or dismantling, depending on which is more appropriate for your tree and the environment. Any size tree can be taken down and all materials and waste taken away.



If a tree is becoming too big and you would like to reduce it, we can help. It may be blocking out the light. growing too close to your property or buildings, or just getting out of hand. Services include crown lifting, crown thinning, crown reduction, all will serve to suit you whilst being sympathetic to the tree health and ensuring proper tree care. These services will allow you to have a beautiful tree to enjoy. a) crown lifting – this involves removing the bottom branches. This is usually done in order to clear space for a pathway or driveway. b) crown thinning – this involves decreasing the leaf area. This will allow a lot more light into your property and solve the issue if the tree is blocking your views. c) crown reduction – this involves taking back the outer parts of the canopy. This will make the overall size of the tree smaller.



If you have concerns about the health of your tree, we can treat the tree whilst ensuring safety is of paramount importance. We have 24/7 call out to assess and identify the problem and quickly and efficiently eliminate the hazards. If a tree has fallen, has dropped limbs, or showing signs of rot and disease, give us a call. Make sure to ask us about proof of our insurance policy details and qualifications.



Are you always busy? Is your hedge getting out of hand so is difficult for you to maintain yourself? We can come trim your hedge for you and save you the time or reduce it so that next time you can manage it yourself. Alternatively, we can remove the hedge, take the material away for you and advise on different options.


We also provide other services such as stump grinding/removals, weed treatments, site and ground clearance, green waste removal and disposal. We can also assist you in making application for works on problem trees that have a TPO.


If you are concerned about a tree’s health, advice on what to do is available. If you are unsure about what your garden or outdoor area requires we are able to give impartial advice on general tree care. We love trees and are sure to inspire your tree-scaping plans. We guarantee a no obligation visit to advise you or provide a quote. It is free, so call us out to discuss your tree problem or appreciation.

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Delivering all aspects of tree care
Passionate about promoting tree health

Passionate about promoting tree health, Rachel Downs Tree Surgery delivers a comprehensive tree care service. We are based in Mumbles and provide services through-out the Swansea area and beyond. We deliver all aspects of tree care. Whether you want a tree to be removed, or even just reduced to let more light onto the garden we can provide several different services. We love big and small trees and can deliver bespoke services to meet your needs whilst ensuring that tree health is also prioritised. Services can range from tree removals, reductions and pruning. We deal with dangerous trees, can lift branches away from your property and ensure trees are managed safely and accordingly. If you want help to manage your garden area, services also include hedge cutting, weed treatments, site and ground clearance, delivering woodchip and logs. Each of our lead climbers have over 15 years experience, we are all fully trained and insured and follow British industry standards (BS3889:2010) ensuring best practices for proper tree care is delivered. Please ask us to verify our qualifications and insurance details. We will be happy to show you the paperwork. Call us, we provide impartial, no obligation advice on tree care and maintaining tree health and would love to talk to you about trees!